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Our Human Team


                   Tammy E. Cruz

                  Executive Director/Co-Founder

Tammy is certified in EAL (Equine Assisted Learning)/ EAP (Equine Assisted Psychotherapy)/the EAGALA Model (Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association). Her certification was acquired in 2019. She was also certified in 2009 with the organization O.K. Corral, founded by Gregg Kerstin.  Tammy also holds a certification in Elementary Education and taught for 15 years in private and public school settings. 


                        Milton Cruz

                      Director/Pastoral Counselor

Milton is an ordained minister with the Independent Christian Churches and is licensed with the Christian and Missionary Alliance Denomination. Though Rev. Cruz presently serves as a Hospice Chaplain, he also possesses over 35 years of ministry experience working with churches as a pastor, a youth leader, and in various capacities in Christian camping settings.  He has both undergraduate and post graduate degrees in Urban Ministry.  Although he has owned horses with Tammy, he rides once in a blue moon.

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Tamara Caputo-Leadership Team

Tamara has a heart for bringing people and rescue animals together. She has volunteered at several equine therapy programs and loves seeing the transformation that takes place as humans and horses bond.  Tamara is also an experienced educator and has been teaching in Westchester County for 17 years. She and her husband Tony enjoy spending time with their three rescue cats and Tamara's horse, Ralphie. 

Jessica Perez

Jessica is a Registered Nurse in the state of Connecticut and serves as a hospice nurse. She’s the mother of 2 beautiful girls and 6 doggies. She has a passion for animals and has rescued many throughout her life. Jessica finds Joy in volunteering and serving her community and Church.

Our EquineTeam



Age: 13 Year Old Gelding

Breed: Tennessee Walking Horse


Loves Being with People

Dillon Field.jpg

Age: 21 Year Old Gelding
Breed: Belgian Morgan Cross
Best Trail Horse Ever!

Fearless Alpha of the Horse Herd

Dillon Cruz

Age: 18 Year Old Gelding

Breed: Oldenburg (German warmblood)

Our Sweet and Gentle Giant
Rescue Horse


Quidditch Harry


IMG_2827 (2).HEIC

Age: 11 Year Old Gelding
Breed: Haflinger
Kind and Athletic Pony
Rescue Horse





Age: 8 Year Old Donkey Gelding

Breed: Spotted Donkey, Mostly White
Loves Children and Hugs
Rescued Donkey

Age: 20 Year Old Donkey Gelding

Breed: Painted Donkey

Our Rascally Escape Artist
Rescued Donkey

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