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Meeting a need, now more than ever


We have lost our bearings as a nation during this historic COVID-19 crisis.  Moving forward, hoping for normal life to return seems like a very long process.  Many feel so exhausted, discouraged and frustrated, even anxious. True North Youth Ranch has finally gotten on its feet during a time when so many around us are in need of support and encouragement. When we established the Ranch in 2020, its purpose was to continue a dream that began many years ago.  We saw then, and continue to see, how the youth of our communities are struggling on many levels.

        We are committed to helping them through friendship, Christian counseling and mentoring. We are also available to help absolutely anyone in need. Our outreach seeks to be an oasis to people of all generations! We have always wanted to create a place that offers hope and peace to others through the powerful presence of horses and a relationship with God.  Our ranch name is True North Youth Ranch, Inc. because we see that we are all in need of an absolute compass more than ever before - a “True North” to guide us through the complicated and beautiful seasons of life.  We have experienced that God offers not only hope, but direction. With that realization, we believe that He is the Way, The Truth and the Life as described in the Bible (John 14:6).  He promises a fulfilling life now and in the forever after.  He is the True North that shines bright in a world that can be a very dark and confusing place. 

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