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Pony Express Horse Sponsorship

In partnership with local equine rescue, your sponsorship supports horses that have been rescued from slaughter, neglected, or kept in unsafe environments. We offer them a permanent home or help to place them with their new families.

Our goal is to support 2 or 3 ponies each year at our ranch and continue to improve their health and general training. This will help them prepare for their new life ahead. It is also our desire for each pony to have the personal care and attention that it needs in order to feel safe and loved.

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New Sponsorship opportunities!


Diago and Shy

We have provided a home for these two donks at TNYR. Diago (the brown and white shorty) and Shy Boy just arrived from 13 Hands Equine Rescue. They are in good health and are in training to overcome their fear of humans and are doing GREAT! We need sponsors of $50 monthly or any amount to provide for their vet bills and the TLC that they need.



Rojo is an elderly retired Hunter Jumper that needs an immediate placement. His owner is struggling during the aftermath of Covid-19. We do not want him to end up at an auction. He is tender-hearted with much love to give! Rojo would make a great therapy partner.

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